Any company has an interesting foundational story. A sense of purpose and past.

So what’s your story?

Class of ’89. I was born in Gaeta and raised nearby. I moved to northern Italy (Brescia) at a young age due to family reasons. “Coming from a humble family, I am an only child, my father is an electrician and my mother a school assistant, I have gone through many ups and downs, that have enriched my life. Just because you may not have a financially sound background, doesn’t mean you’ll end your in the same position”.

This is how I went from: I attended the Electronics & Telecommunications school, working my way through university to obtain my Computer science degree at Polytechnic of Milan. From Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain to his current projects at Simpa., Max has evolved as a founder, as the Web has evolved and as he’s grown up.

“I started my career building native apps for Windows phone, and desktop apps for Windows in Java & C#. I quickly switched to Android & iOS. Mainly handled full stack complex development projects. I’m unusual, I code and transfer my IT knowledge into design; create an interface that is easy to develop and beautiful at the same time, it is a challenge to balance those two things... but again, a challenge is what makes you grow”.

The major challenge is performing as a CTO of a small startup, that is far more than a tech only oriented role: “I’m a natural multitasker, I do everything - from the product, tech, managing and of course developing all by yourself. While simultaneously acquiring investors and attending meetings”.

What stories define who you are and how you got here?

I had been really passionate about technology and UX since childhood. At 12 years old I realized my first website matching word documents to different hyperlinks, and my first go website with html & css using Frontpage 98. Later on I won a Nokia competition with “Cocktail Zone”, a cocktail app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, working alongside with well known american designer Arturo Toledo; the app was ranking to top in the Food & Dining area. Big achievement!

I also love music, I’m a dj-ing when I have my spare time; I also appreciate video games, art and literature. I enjoy doing viable and beautiful things myself and having direct impact. You pour your heart out into your own projects (Simpa.). and I’ve done exactly what I said I was going to do, which was start a tech startup that would hopefully have a broad impact, using tech and UX expertise and business acumen, so that is really refreshing and satisfying. I felt that, as a society and as a former employee, we really undervalue work and approach to work. I hope that is changing, but I didn’t get the sense from people and organizations that they valued the work that I had done as much as I knew it had impacted me. Change perspectives, develop people and projects to transform business to get great results. Embed a positive experience. That’s what it’s all about.

What’s your personality like?

I’m a natural introvert, I feel best alone. Loyal, as well as honest, don’t take me for granted though. Generous spirit, always stand out and ready to help. A bit lazy when it comes to personal habits. What else? Perfectionist I would say, big time! Being a tech perfectionist, the healthy kind, makes it more challenging to meet the goal of perfecting things that need to be perfect, or even of reaching a personal best. I care about products, projects and users. Each new venture is an opportunity to demonstrate latest and innovative skills, approach or technology. To facilitate this I can fall into the habit of setting myself impossible standards – over-optimistically relying on multi-tasking and squeezing in the extra hours to meet them. I make the most of experiences and mistakes trying to self-correct (“I didn’t like how that turned out, so what can I do differently next time?”), looking to learn very fast and improve outcomes.

Stay up and make it happen is a choice...

I can come from humble beginnings, as long as I’m willing to work hard, commit to my ideas and take the risks necessary to see these ideas become reality. I don’t let a lack of money or experience dissuade myself from following my dreams. I want to be part of something bigger than myself. I want to be part of an inspiring place to be. I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come my way I can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.